Urban and industrial effluents and process water

The treatement of effluents is now more and more difficult to manage for industry and communities for different reasons:

  • The growth of urban areas and the development of industrial activities, require more and more efficient waste water treatment plants
  • The regulations and standards in force, require ever lower thresholds of the effluent eligibility
  • The source reduction strategies that aim to conserve water resources and entail a minimum production of waste, but much more concentrated and difficult to treat.

These pressing needs require technologies and effective products, more reliable in terms of quality and that meet the economic constraints of the industries and communities.

Relying on its expertise Feralco Italy offers to  its customers a range of coagulants/flocculants for the treatment of waste water that can ensure compliance with the current European regulations.

  • Aluminum Sulphate Solution or Solid form
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride 10% (Aqualenc 10)
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride 18% (Aqualenc 18)

For more info about products characteristics and Technical Data Sheet, please contact us.