Feralco Italia srl unipersonale began its activities on 5 August 2004, following the acquisition by the Feralco Group, of Rhodia Eco Service, the branch the environment services  of the French Group Rhodia. With this acquisition, the Feralco Group has extended its positions in the south of Europe, becoming one of the European leaders of performance products for drinking water and industrial treatment.

Feralco Italia produces and sells a complete range of inorganic coagulants based on aluminum salts, which operate effectively in the treatment of wastewater, industrial process water , water purification and the paper industry.

The aluminum polychloride in different concentrations is produced in the Livorno Plant. This Plant is one of the largest plants in Europe for aluminum salts, with a total capacity of 130,000 MT.  The production process is subjected to strict quality controls (ISO 9001:2008). Our coagulants are synthesized starting from raw materials of high purity, we don’t use recovered products.

The availability of a vast storage of finished product puts us in a position to ensure product availability and fast deliveries with operational benefits for all customers, whether they are consumers or distributors. For any technical requirement application we have the support of the laboratory of R & D and analysis, inaugurated in France in October 2005, where Feralco wanted to invest with advanced technologies, to emphasize the strong desire to better serve its customers, both through the continuous improvement of existing products and of the technical assistance, than through the development of new products.

From 1 February 2006 our management system is certified ISO 9001:2008 by DNV.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any requirement and/or technical information.